Market Information

Why Indonesia is a must-do market for solar power energy business now?

The utilization of Rooftop Solar PV is trending and rising high in Indonesia.
The market potential for installing Rooftop Solar PV reaches over 116 GWp. Indonesian government has set a target to achieve a 23 percent share of renewable energy in the country’s energy mix by 2025.  To achieve the target, the government is pushing the development of Solar Energy utilizations:

  • PLN will deploy Solar PV on 1,000 islands with total capacity up to 5 GW.
  • PLN targets to install over 3 GW of Rooftop Solar PV until 2025
  • Implementation Regulation on Rooftop Solar PV Plants Usage Issued
  • Rooftop Solar Panels to be installed on all government building, state-owner office and school (Great Jakarta, Central Java and East Java are ready to be the Province of Solar Power)
  • Over 2500 villages to be installed Solar PV Stations until 2020
  • and many other PV Projects from private companies.

With regard to the huge demand of solar energy projects and the country’s energy mix target, the Indonesia’s Solar Energy Market has become the most promising market in ASEAN.